Aaron Rodgers has become the Packers’ all-time touchdown leader. Former record holder, Brett Favre didn’t seem overjoyed when congratulating his old teammate. The lack of excitement was quickly noticed by fans, who posted their opinions and memes about it.

Rodgers fired his 443rd touchdown pass with the Packers on Christmas Day, shattering Favre’s record. After the TD, the Packers aired a video message from Favre on Twitter, congratulating Rodgers for breaking the record.

Favre’s lack of enthusiasm while congratulating Rodgers was recognized by fans. He and Rodgers share a long history with the team. It was unusual for the fans to see Brett Favre not looking thrilled in the video.

“Favre did not seem thrilled he just had his record broken.”


Perhaps Favre didn’t mean any malice, or perhaps he did. It all comes down to one’s point of view. Favre went on to tell him to win a Super Bowl for the team. Maybe Favre wanted to shift Rodger’s focus to the Super Bowl now that the record is achieved.

In any case, hilarious memes and comments flooded the Twitter after Favre’s congratulations video. Take a look at some of them which are attached below with this article.

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