Survivor 41 didn’t get a lot of positive reviews as fans were not happy with the show becoming too complicated. The preview for season 42 was released this month and it seems some of the controversial twists from the previous season will be returning.

The show’s 42nd season will re-introduced new twists and advantaged in an attempt to “shake up the game” and pull more audience. It seems this move was not appreciated by the fans. Many viewers felt that the twists are too complicated and made the show unwatchable.

In the new preview for season 42 which will premiere in March 2022, it seemed that some of the disliked twists from season 41 will return, mainly “Beware Advantage.” It was first introduced in season 41, it gave three castaways the chance to score a hidden immunity idol that could guarantee their safety in the game. However, the players that found the immunity idols could not use them until all three idols were found.

This new twist received backlash from fans who felt it was too complicated and confusing. The show was ripped apart on reddit. One Reddit user wrote, “I cannot overemphasize how much I loathe these hidden beware idols and their awful phrases. I couldn’t even watch every time they were being said at the beginning of challenges.”

Despite the negative reaction on the new twist, the teaser for season 42 revealed that the Beware Advantage will be returning. There will be three new odd phrases to activate their idol. According to the teaser, one of the phrases is, “Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Am I a potato?” The two other phrases have yet to be revealed.

Survivor 41 was a mixed bag. Some fans supported the Jeff Probst’s attempt to shake up the game and new elements to the game while other criticized the show for the recent changes. We will have to wait and see how season 42 fares when it premieres next year.

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Shubham Banerjee

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