Patrick Mahomes is the star Quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs. Christmas 2021 marks Mahomes’ first Christmas with his daughter, Sterling. He has a lot on his list to make the holiday even more special, and he also likes surprises.

Gifting can be a hard task for athletes. Firstly there is the shortage of time and secondly its not as convenient as “regular” shopping. Patrick Mahomes told 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City of his alternative idea.

Mahomes relies on Amazon in particular, to get all of his shopping done during the holidays. Doing “regular” Christmas shopping would turn into an all-day affair. Patrick would constantly be stopped by fans that want to chat, take pictures, or just simply gush over the star athlete.

And the bigger problem is, how to hide the gifts from his loved ones? especially with Brittany Matthews following his every move/purchase. To fix this issue Patrick gets all his stuff delivered somewhere else.

“It’s a bunch of Amazon; a lot of delivery. I get it sent to the facility, I don’t tell Brittany [Matthews] so I can hide it from her and everything like that, But yeah, I usually have to do a lot of online shopping, there’s not a lot of going into the store and shopping. Plus, Brittany is like, dude — she sees everything. So I kind of have to be real sneaky with it so I can try and surprise her every once and a while.”

Mahomes recently said that the team is happy with its development this season. The QB said they are also aware of their potential to be a lot better. The Chiefs continue to get good news as they deal with a COVID-19 outbreak. They are set to play Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

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Shifa Jahan

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