Joe Rogan’s intensity is adored by fans, especially since he is a fighter himself. He also has one of the most popular podcasts in the world, and he is always willing to talk about the UFC, occasionally delving into boxing. He might have opinions, but he tries his best to keep things fair on commentary.

Joe Rogan revealed his opinion for UFC commentary. For a long time, Joe Rogan has delivered MMA commentary. Rogan is a regular on UFC broadcasts. Fans can find him in the Octagon after every bout interviewing the combatants.

Despite the fact that he is well-liked by his supporters, some people dislike his sports commentary style. Rogan addressed some of his detractors on the most recent episode of his acclaimed podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, saying that he always tries to be fair.

“I try to be very fair, always, with my commentary. And I’m also very respectful. Like, even if you think that my commentary was biased, or one way or another, you’ll never think I’m disrespectful, ‘cause I try to; unless someone’s doing something dirty.”

Rogan makes an excellent point, having never actually disparaged another boxer. Rogan understands what these people are going through and has always been empathetic.

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