Kathy Hilton successfully negotiated money matters with Bravo a couple of weeks ago. She is set to appear on the next season of Real housewives of Beverly Hills. However she could be in for a rough ride in the new season.

The “friend of” the Housewives was a breakout star for season 11. She reportedly refused to film for the season 12 of RHOBH “unless Bravo agrees to pay up”, as per TMZ. Rumor has it, Kathy wanted 2 million in remuneration. An insider told People that Hilton negotiated the terms of her second season of the show and will return as a “friend of” the cast on a recurring basis.

The matriarch of the Hilton family charmed fans while not being a full-time cast member. Kathy gained a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Legend” status in such a short span of time. In revisiting the best moments so far, People magazine famously said: “Bravo’s only mistake in casting Kathy Hilton on the show is that they didn’t do it sooner.”

While fans are happy for her big return, they also have a few demands. Some fans aren’t buying Hilton’s ‘Ditzy’ schtick, they think she needs to bring more next season. For some context, Hilton drank a can of Red Bull before bed, lugged a box fan into her room during a girls’ trip, and confused Garcelle Beauvais for her sister, Kyle Richards. She also famously asked, “Who is Hunky Dory?” when someone used the phrase.

Fans think Hilton’s “ditzy” persona is all an act. That she’s just trying to pull a  “mature” version of her daughter Paris’ “dumb blonde act.” A fan noted on Reddit “I don’t understand all the hype behind Kathy Hilton,” “I understand she asked for $2million to return. If Bravo pays that they’re nuts. Another fan added. “She doesn’t bring anything of value to the conversations except ‘comic relief’ and I don’t find her funny at all.”

Some fans have suggested as to what she could do to be better. “I felt frustration at how much she DIDN’T do,” a fan observed. “I think if she had defended garcelle/sutton or confronted erika it would have gone a LONG way with the girls, because they were so intimidated by her. but she didn’t.” Others want her to bring more drama “hoping she gets a villain edit next season,” another added.

The fans have made interesting nudges to Kathy’s storyline. However, only time will tell how she fares in the new season. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hilton said she loves being in the middle of the “girls club” drama in the show, but she would never be more than a “friend” to the cast.

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