Lisa Hochstein has been an athlete since she was a child. Lisa Hochstein always had a strong interest in health and fitness. Larsa Pippen’s OnlyFans Account worries Lisa Hochstein, because she’s not sure how far Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife will go.

Lisa Hochstein had her “Real Housewives of Miami” co-star’s back. The internet can still be a filthy place if you allow it to get that way. Lisa stated that supports Larsa Pippen only on one condition.

“As long as she’s not showing any private areas, I think that that’s fine,” Hochstein, 39, told Page Six. “Look, I don’t know much at all about OnlyFans,” she said. “I don’t have an account. I don’t follow anyone on OnlyFans. Larsa’s really the only friend I know who does it and she says she doesn’t take off her clothes. I think it’s amazing. If you can make $10,000 a day to just give your fans a little more?”

Hochstein added, “Like for myself, I would maybe show my exercise routine or what I’m eating throughout the day, things that I wouldn’t necessarily show all over my Instagram. And if somebody wanted to pay me $10,000 a day to see these little things, sign me up!”

Pippen, 47, claims in her OnlyFans bio that her page is, “An exclusive glimpse at me sporting some of my favorite bikinis, gowns, and jewelry creations I’m most enthusiastic about.”

Larsa Pippen has four children with her estranged spouse, Scotty 21, Preston, 19, Justin, 16, and Sophia, 13.

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