Kim Kardashian has made SKIMS a multi million dollar company. She has received several accolades and appreciation for creating the innovative brand. This time however, Kim is facing backlash for copying Beyoncé.

Queen B made headlines for her new Halls Of Ivy collection. While people applauded Beyoncé on her unique, take they are putting Kim on blast for her spin on the new SKIMS campaign. After being dragged for cultural appropriation, Kim is now being accused of copying Beyoncé’s style directly.

Kim K wore an all-in-one bodysuit that comes in various cuts and colors. Kim usually nabs her friends to pose for the initial round of the campaign. Last time it was Nicki Minaj, Kourtney and Megan Fox who kicked it off. This time around she starred in her own photo shoot alongside two other models.

All three of them had very voluminous hair and navy blue outfits. Kim often wears her hair in her iconic sleek style and does not rock then golden voluminous curly hair-style. So, she looked noticeably different in the snapshots.

People on Twitter didn’t hesitate to call her out. “This is embarrassing Kim,” one user pointed out. “Be yourself and stop trying to be Beyoncé.” another added. Earlier this month, Kim responded to blackfishing allegations. She said that she wears African-American hairstyles to “match” with her daughter North West.

Twitter nudged at the Kardashian’s propensity to dabble in a bit of cultural appropriation every now and then. “…Kim needs to stop trying to emulate the looks and overall fetishism of Black women!! This has gone too far.” a person asserted. She was also dragged for not citing where she gets her “inspiration” from. We will have to wait for Kim’s response.

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Shifa Jahan

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