Former Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell rose to fame in 90s had experienced many encounters with women. He shared what effect it had on him recently, and how his life totally changed around after his Keenan & Kel days were finished.

Kel Mitchell first broke out with his role in the hit show “All That” in the 90s. During a recent interview with Page Six, he revealed that sleeping with lots of women in his 20s and “mixing spiritually” was harmful for him. To recover from this he chose the life of celibacy for three years.

The “All That” star said after seeking words of advice from his evangelist, he felt the need to “free himself” from past relationships and sexual partners that were not “of God” or “connected to God.”

“What I had to do was, I literally mentioned every woman that I had been having sex with … I forgave them and forgave myself, After I said all their names they were released, I released my name from them, I released my spirit from them.”

He also shared his views on ups and downs that comes with fame and his battle with depression. He said, he has been broke, he’s been on television and then lost it all.

“Because you’re in the entertainment business, they see whatever the last thing you was on and then when you have something else come out, they merge those things together as if that 15, 30 year span never happened.”

The 43-year old actor admitted that in between his projects he went broke, left without a car and at one point had doubts if he should continue acting or quit. He said he had to “crawl” back to sets and in those low times he found a “lot” in himself. He recently released a book titled “Blessed Mode: 90 Days to Level Up Your Faith” which documents this phase of his life.

Mitchell shares 4-year daughter Wisdom and 1-year old son Honor with his wife, Asia Lee. The couple has been married for almost a decade. He also has two adult children Allure,20 and Lyric,21 from his previous marriage with his now ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton.

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