Jake Paul’s to-do list is long and winding. He recently defeated Tyron Woodley, and now he is looking for something bigger. While many have suggested he face Tommy Fury, Jake does not appear to be interested in doing so.

Fury isn’t a big enough name for him anymore, as he recently explained. Rather, he’d prefer to face someone who can give a potential card a little more weight. In fact, Paul has been extremely forthright about who he wants to fight next.

While many of those people are from the mixed martial arts scene, Paul still wants to fight actual boxers. Jake, for example, recently turned to Twitter to share the top five names on his boxing bucket list.

“My boxing bucket list: 1) Canelo Alvarez 2) Floyd Mayweather 3) Mike Tyson 4) Tyson Furry 5) Dana White”

Dana White is the last name on the list, which is obviously a parody item. Tyson Fury, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and Canelo Alvarez are the next fighters on the list. Mike Tyson has considered fighting Jake’s brother Logan, but Mayweather has already done it.

Having said that, Paul has a decent chance of securing those fights in the future. Canelo and Fury, on the other hand, are two very different creatures. They assume they are superior than Paul, and they are correct. However, when they’re both on their way out of the sport in five years, Paul might be able to fight them both.

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