Cardi B officially joined Playboy family on December 2nd, a dream fulfilled by the popular gentleman’s magazine. Playboy announced her appointment as the magazine’s first-ever Creative Director in Residence on Instagram. Cardi B’s first collaboration with Playboy is officially live.

The WAP rapper revealed her first Playboy project on Twitter as a Christmas gift for fans. She told that Centerfold is such a fantastic platform. She’s really excited to see what the creators can achieve with it.

“my first project with @Playboy is live!!! Centerfold is such an amazing platform and I can’t wait to see what all of our creators are able to do with it @plbycenterfold

Cardi B previously stated that joining Playboy was a dream come true for her. She wrote about her new role while sharing her excitement about it on Instagram. The post was featuring a collage-style shot of her wearing a huge silver necklace with the classic Playboy bunny insignia.

Cardi had a strong bond with Playboy for as long as she can remember. It’s the original forum for unfettered creativity, and its tremendous tradition of fighting for individual liberties inspires her.

Are you excited for the new Playboy project? Sound off in the comments!

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