Tommy Fury is a versatile man as he is not only a master in boxing but he is good at acting as well. Tommy Fury’s net worth is £1 million as of 2021. Tommy Fury couldn’t make the Jake Paul fight, but he believes that the Problem Child would have had a very bad day had the fight gone down.

Fury missed the chance to fight with Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley took his spot. Then Jake Paul defeated Woodley by knockout in the sixth round. The first five rounds were a slugfest, but Jake came out on top in the end.

Fury was forced to watch the fight from home. He described what he would have done if he had been in the ring in a recent interview with “The Unibet Lowdown.” He was paying great attention to the match.

“I would have been smashing the jabs out there and fold up with the right — he just wouldn’t have been there because it was that bad. It was a bad, terrible fight.”

“I expect to be able to return by March of next year.”

Fury is adamant about fighting Jake Paul because he wants to show the world that he can beat the YouTube sensation.

“I’ll do anything possible to speed up this recovery process because the quicker speed to get better, the quicker I get into the ring and get this fight done,” Fury added. “Everybody wants to see this fight. You wanna proclaim yourself as a boxer. Stop calling out UFC people. Come and fight me.”

It remains a question that whether we will be able to see a fight between Furry and Tommy or not.

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