Underground Florida-based rapper Pouya is defending himself against claims of pedophilia. He claims that this was the result of a hacking job.

The claims were made by one of his followers who alleged that he sought nude photos from him over Instagram direct messages. The boy was only sixteen years old at the time. Pouya claims his account had been hacked at the time the texts were delivered.

Following a video from a now-adult male accuser of Pouya’s, the rapper is speaking out. Pouya alleges that his account was hacked in 2017 and that he was not the one who requested nude photos from an underage lad. Pouya explained everything in a new post, where he provides receipts.

“It’s annoying that I even have to do this but just to dead this shit once and for all I’ll go ahead and make a post about it since some people have asked me. My account was hacked via my T-mobile SIM card (they got access to it and found my IG password, literally can be proven in my phone records) On JUNE 15 2017 (they also hacked peep). The same day I was hacked (WITH NO ACCESS TO MY INSTAGRAM). The hackers decided to send a DM to a 16-year-old boy asking him for nudes or whatever the fuck, unfortunately that kid thought it was actually me and I assume he sent in photos to the hacker. I HAD ZERO ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT THAT DAY. NONE AT ALL.”

Pouya wanted to send this message to that child, who is now probably in his twenties. It was on that same exact date, June 15, 2017 when Pouya had no access to his account. Pouya also said that it’s a shame how easy people propagate false information about others, celebrity or not.

Pouya concluded his message hoping that the guy is doing well in life, and he reads it. He clearly states that he is not interested in boys or anyone under the age of eighteen. He now has a wife, and he’s sorry that the guy was duped by those hackers.

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Gunjan Nath

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