Mike Tyson is a legendary figure in boxing circles and there are many tales of his supreme boxing talent. His ex-bodyguard shared a story about his practice sessions. He loves boxing, but he also didn’t want to miss Tom and Jerry.

Tyson’s ex-bodyguard and chauffeur had ring side seats at the New Yorker’s rise to the top. He shared with The Sun, how the boxing legend turned five hour sparring session to under 60 minutes as he was desperate to watch cartoons.

When Tyson’s crew was in Vegas for his sparring session, he would be the nicest guy before he hopped onto the ring with his sparring partner. He asked them, “How you doing today, how’s the family?” before he proceeded to knock them out one by one within the hour.

Gonzales also shared how boxers were scared to spar with Tyson because of his superior punching power. He said, he saw him punch the heavy bag so hard that it broke from the chain few times. He added,

“Anyone who felt they were up for taking him on, he would hit them and they’d snap. Soon after they would pack their bags.

When Gonzales asked Tyson why he finished his sessions so quickly, Tyson replied, “If I keep it going we will miss Tom and Jerry cartoons.” It seems Tyson retained his love for cartoons as he made his own Mike Tyson Mysteries series for Adult Swim.

Gonzalez was by Tyson’s side as he climbed to glory. He became the most terrifying boxer in the sport, raising thunder in the hearts of his fans. He became the youngest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 20. His presence in the ring is certainly missed.

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