Robbie Roper is an outstanding high school football player on the verge of joining the collegiate football ranks. Many people felt that one day he would play in NFL. He was a standout in high school football and had great coaching. Sadly, the star high school football player died on Wednesday after surgery complications.

Robbie was only 18. He died because of the complications that arise in the surgery. Roper’s family made a destructive tweet that Robbie is no more in this world with us. He was the biggest joy of the family.

“We just wanted to update everyone on Robbie. Robbie just passed. He was the biggest joy to our family. We are proud of the young man he has become. He will be missed by his friends and family dearly.”

Roswell High School football coach, Chris Prewett, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Roper was in the hospital on Sunday after suffering complications from a routine surgery. “Robbie fought hard,” Coach Prewett said, “and battled until the very end like he did everything else.”

Roper received several college offers including Massachusetts, Morehead State and the Florida Gators. The nature of his surgery was not noted.

Roper was a dual-threat quarterback who threw for 3,010 yards and 37 touchdowns this season, including 447 yards and six touchdowns in one of those games. The 6’4″, the 215-pound quarterback led Roswell High to a 10-3 triumph and was awarded Region 5 Class 7A Player of the Year in Georgia.

The Florida Team said, “During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with the Roper family.”


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