When it comes to creating the face of a brand, it is often important to pick somebody that the fans know. When it comes to the current women’s division in NXT 2.0, Rose certainly ticks that box. She is someone that audiences are well aware of due to her time on the main roster.

In a recent Instagram post she posted a picture of her in a red bikini which wowed many of her followers. She uploaded the picture saying it’s a Christmas gift for her fans.

“Figured I’d give you guys a little early Xmas present while I’m away on vacation 🎁 @wwenxt

While she hasn’t held a title on either Raw or SmackDown, Rose has been featured from the moment she debuted to the time her run was over. She is very influential and can be an attention magnet naturally.

She has always had the potential of being a major heel. Now with her own faction behind her, Rose is now being seen as one of the major threats in the company. She oozes star power from her look to her promo ability, and the fact that she can back it all up inside of the ring is a major advantage.

WWE is pushing romantic angles and showcasing the women, in particular, in a new manner. It’s a complete contrast to how the division has been shown previously where the work rate was the key. While Rose is not a bad in-ring talent by any means, pushing the character work is where she excels.

If anybody was going to take on the role of ushering in this new era for women, then Rose is the ideal candidate. She has a history of making these types of angles work, and that is why she was the correct choice. Her fans would love it if she’s given the opportunity on such a large scale.

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