LeBron James had a statistically successful season, but he’s having trouble getting wins for the Lake Show. He is currently suffering from injuries which doesn’t help matters. James is doing everything he can do to support his team. Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers suffered yet another defeat and he had a lot that he wanted to say.

The Lakers couldn’t get anything going offensively against The Suns after Anthony Davis left. LeBron James, who finished with 34 points, was the only one who looked to be trying.

The Lakers are now 16-16, ranking them the most mediocre team. Even with three talented players, they are struggling to get things done, and LeBron is fully aware of the team’s flaws.

Following last night’s game, LeBron informed the media what they need to accomplish going ahead if they don’t want to drop any further. LeBron was quoted by Michael Corvo of Clutch Points.

“Just stay together, stay together. We know we’re in a rough patch right now with guys coming back from injury, with guys in and out of protocol. Guys that’s injured. So, let’s just stay together until we come whole, or as close to whole as possible. Obviously, we got a lot of guys out right now. But, I loved our fight, I thought we had a good fight tonight. We just couldn’t make enough plays.”

The Lakers are looking forward to their game against the Brooklyn Nets on Christmas Day. It won’t be easy, and the Lakers have virtually little chance of winning in their current shape. Let’s wait and watch how the team performs in the game.

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