Juice WRLD tragically died a few years ago. He is still regarded as one of the most influential performers of his generation, with at least a few songs on the Billboard charts at any given moment. Recently, WRLD’s Fighting Demons had 13 songs chartered on Billboard’s Hot 100, a huge deal for anybody.

With the release of his second posthumous studio album, Fighting Demons, Juice made it clearer than ever that he accepted his fate. In those songs, he dropped clues that his time on this planet was coming to an end.

Juice WRLD demonstrated that he could compose a smash single with his eyes closed. He was capable of seamlessly rhyming it and creating a wide spectrum of emotions in his music. That shines in this album and many fans have to agree.

The struggling musician was a fan favorite for millions of people all over the world. With the publication of his second-best-selling album, Fighting Demons, thirteen of his songs were named to the Billboard Hot 100.

@JuiceWorlddd debuts 11 songs on this week’s #Hot100:

#29, Girl of My Dreams w/ #SUGA

#34, Burn #56, Feline w/ @Polo_Capalot & @trippieredd

#63, Rockstar In His Prime

#64, You Wouldn’t Understand

#75 Doom

#76 Go Hard

#80 Not Enough

#86 From My Window

#87 Relocate

#98 Feel Alone

Even though all of the Christmas songs dominated the Top 10, Juice WRLD dominated the bottom ranks overall. The late rapper deserved to be able to view his accomplishments while he was still alive, but perhaps that is not what fate had in store for him.

Shivangini Rawat

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