Jay-Z is a cultural force to be reckoned with. As Jigga personifies the “American Dream” with various enterprises and awards in the music industry, as well as solid contacts with global investment heavyweights like Warren Buffet. Reuben Vincent, the 9th wonder Protege, he continues running Roc Nation with care.

Reuben Vincent, a rapper and producer from Charlotte, North Carolina, has joined Jay-Z’s Roc Nation roster. The label announced the deal on Instagram on Saturday on 18th December. It was announced with a video in which the 9th Wonder protégé talks about his childhood goal of signing with Jay-Z.

“Man, it’s so crazy like, I remember being a kid like 5 or 10 years old watching Fade to Black on TV seeing Hov sell out Madison Square Garden,” Reuben said. “And then man, I remember getting on the bus and my friends asked me, ‘If you could ever sign a deal somebody, who would it be?’ And my first answer was Roc Nation.”

He further added, “To me, that was just a dream. But one thing I didn’t know back then, was that some dreams stay dreams and some dreams come true. Welcome to JamRoc.”

Reuben Vincent’s Myers Park was released in 2017 and Boy Meets World will be published in 2020 on famous Hip Hop producer 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records.

Following his new deal, a Twenty-year-old wrote, “Signing to Roc Nation is a dream come true…I’m honestly still soaking it all in. 4ever grateful and thankful. Now it’s time to do what I said I set out to do in this game. Hov, you got you one.”

We’ll have to see what is next for all parities involved, but they seem pumped for the partnership so far.

What’s your view on it? That sounds like it in the comments.

Muskan Sharma

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