Dave Chappelle became one of the most famous fighters against so-called “cancel culture” in 2021 most suddenly. The DC-raised comedian addressed the topic in several of his Netflix comedy specials, including 2021’s The Closer, which he was subsequently cancelled over due to remarks that were deemed transphobic.

A few of Dave Chappelle’s jokes on The Closer, specifically referenced to the anti-transgender TERF movement. It led to condemnation from some LGBTQ organizations. In response to the criticism, Chappelle declared, “If this is what being canceled is about, I love it.”

Fellow veteran comedian Cedric The Entertainer has now shared his thoughts on Dave Chappelle potentially being canceled by the public. Cedric spoke about the situation while appearing on The Domenick Nati Show.

“Once you feel you’re uncancelable or if you think that’s what you’re fighting for, that’s the wrong approach to take to saying something that you really want to say, Not in the sense that ‘can’t nobody cancel me so I’m gonna say what I want to say.’ You can find out people will cancel your ass.”

Cedric The Entertainer added, “It ain’t even so much about everybody else turning you off. It’s people just decide if you think you’re bigger and better than everybody and you literally start believing that, then people start to go like, ‘You know what? F*** you, dog!”

After Domenick Nati suggested Dave Chappelle may cancel himself, Cedric The Entertainer responded, “That’s my point.”

Cedric said Chappelle could end up canceling himself if he feels like nobody can cancel him. The comedic veteran might be digging his own grave unknowingly. We will continue monitoring this story here at Thirsty.

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