The official music video of “Blac Youngsta – Im Assuming” was uploaded today, Dec 21 on YouTube. The entire music video was shot at a cemetery. The Memphis rapper also included a tombstone with the name “Thornton” on it, which is Young Dolph’s family name. It appears that he is

Youngsta casually posed next to crypt with Young Dolph’s last name on it. Fans were quick on speculating the possible diss on the late Young Dolph in the visual. Earlier at a concert, Youngsta performed a diss track against Dolph.

Youngsta had a public beef with Adolph Thorton Jr. aka Young Dolph, prior to his passing last month. This insensitive diss is currently facing some serious backlash. Fans are not entertaining the immature disrespect towards a deceased person.

Young Dolph passed away last month after being shot at his favorite bakery in Memphis. Dolph had real issues with Yo Gotti and Blac Youngsta during his career. Their sheer hatred and wrath has resulted in some hate crimes in the past.

Five years ago, Youngsta allegedly fired 100 shots at Dolph’s car, which Dolph avoided and survived. Following Dolph’s death last month, it didn’t take long for Blac Youngsta to start acting out. Seems like even after his death, Blac Youngsta is still not over Young Dolph.

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Gunjan Nath

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