Beyonce Knowles rose to prominence as the main vocalist of Destiny’s Child, an R&B group. Beyonce with her debut record launched a solo career. Beyoncé’s name is being used by a realtor to sell a lot next to her childhood home.

According to TMZ, a realtor used Beyoncé’s name to sell a lot next to her childhood home. In Houston, a vacant land next to one of Beyoncé’s childhood homes is for sale. The sellers are making it all about Beyonce trying to sell the property.

‘Build On Beyoncé’s Old Block’ is the tagline they put on the listing. This made it quite apparent that the house is all about who used to live nearby.

The plot of land, which is located on Rosedale Street in Houston, is just across from the house where Beyoncé grew up. The vacant lot was marketed earlier this year for $315k, but it didn’t sell. Perhaps this new promotional strategy will help. Interested purchasers are invited to call and inquire, and there is a phone number provided.

In 1981, the Knowles family paid $64k for their home on the street. Subsequently, they left before Solange was born in 1986. It’s unclear whether they’ve had any offers, but one thing is certain: it’ll draw a Beyhive full of attention.

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