The “Bachelor in Paradise” couple, Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch, welcomed her first child on November 20, 2021. Just one month later the baby is battling the highly contagious coronavirus. Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt revealed that they have COVID-19, and so does their newborn son, August.

Kevin Wendt shared a recent post on Instagram giving update on the current family situation. In that post, Astrid can be seen holding her newborn August while laying in a hospital bed. Another photo showed baby August sleeping in his stroller in the hospital.

Kevin revealed in the caption that all three of them tested positive for COVID. August had to be admitted to the hospital at just 4 weeks old. Astrid is also hospitalized along with the baby.

“Astrid had a terrible flu followed by Auggy getting a fever. August was admitted to the hospital and seeing him sick and in pain at 4 weeks old breaks our hearts. I got very sick yesterday and today is my worst yet, so I couldn’t go in the hospital, not even to bring Astrid dinner, and because of the new variant and the unknown around transmission, I’ve been staying clear of my little man until my symptoms are gone. Astrid is such a champ she snapped into mama bear mode and never skipped a beat. While very sick she did everything and more a great mother does. This week reassured me 2 things. August is a strong boy (IVF so he’s the best we got lol) and Astrid was born to be a mom.“

Kevin revealed that the family will remain in isolation until at least Christmas. We pray for the family to recover from the virus as soon as possible. May God give strength to the infant to get back in his healthy and normal life.

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