Summer Walker shared photos of herself holding her infant daughter months back that caused a lot of stir. Her daughter’s face was hidden in the pictures but people had a lot to say about the child’s weight. Walker finally slammed London on da Track to the concerns about her baby’s health.

Walker was able to vent her grievances on her sophomore album, Still Over It. She even had a lot to say on that project regarding her child’s father, London. Earlier today, Walker publicly slammed him online.

Summer revealed to her millions of followers that London is a dreadful father. She discussed how his horrible parenting effected on their daughter’s health. The same concern was raised raised by people online when she posted pictures of her daughter back in May, 2021.

“She’s not one of your little cars or props you can just post for clout. I wish you would just go. We don’t need you. She has a real father over here. We be the ones sleep deprived taking care of her while you out doing whatever.

I’m basically leaving my child with a stranger. This is uncomfortable for me. Why neither one of them can’t show me a picture of her room in [Atlanta]. She’s eight months [old]. You had plenty of time to get her a room. She [probably] sleeping in some cheap foldable bed thing you get from Target y’all placed in the corner.”

Walker informed the Over It executive producer that she doesn’t need any child support from him. She feels that his intentions towards their baby “are not genuine [and] never have been.” She asks London not to fake it. Walker’s uploads have since been deleted, but @theneighborhoodtalk has shared the receipts.

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