Ludacris likes to give back, he also knows when the camera is on him. Either way, he still did a good deed.

The Fast Family Member posted a 21-second video of him surprising a homeless person in the community with extra funds so that they could get some food. In the video, Ludacris, who also conceals his identity by wearing a mask, walks up to a man sitting in a power chair and hands him a gift card. He can be heard telling the man to “buy you some food,” followed by saying that there was $50 on the card.

It’s not often that celebrities are giving back to communities in need that they hand out gift cards. Ludacris has a special reason for doing this instead of giving them regular cash. He said it stems from a conversation that his father had with him about giving money to the homeless.

Since the “Fast and Furious” felt it in his heart to give back, he hatched a plan that would allow him to give back and hopefully ensure that the people in need that he gives to won’t go and buy substances with it. He captioned on Instagram:

“My pops used to always say ‘If you give a homeless person money they’re just going to go buy booze wit it.’ I always wanted to disagree with him because as a kid, in my heart I always felt that couldn’t be 100% true. So I’ve been masked up/disguised experimenting in these streets, and giving the homeless food gift cards instead so that they have more of an incentive to buy food. I flipped his theory, and i added my own twist to it because I REFUSE to NOT believe in HOPE #merryludacrismas #tistheseason #lovewins.”

Ludcaris’ fans reacted to his good deed in the comments section of the post. One fan said, “What a brilliant idea,” Another wrote, “Oh great job Ludacris!!!!!” Some others criticized him for recording the sweet moment, and one person also had a different perspective on his food gift card idea.

One wrote, “It’s a blessing to give WITHOUT conditions. We always assume all they need is food… I’m sure that’s at the top of their list but who are we to judge if they buy alcohol. Their living conditions are hard enough.” Ludacris actually responded to the fan by simply writing “Interesting” along with a thinking face emoji.

It’s holiday time and everyone deserves to have fun and be happy. This small act of kindness will instill a sense of love in both the person giving and receiving it. More people should giving back to the community in one way or other.

Anirban Biswas

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