Lil Mosey recently was hit with serious sexual assault allegations. Now details have come to light about the rapper’s prior relationship with the accuser.

The accused rapper had a quiet year partly because he was battling rape allegations since early in the year. Back in April, he was hit with second-degree rape charges. A woman reported to authorities, that along with Mosey, his co-defendant 19-year old Francisco Prater, had sex with her while she was incapable of giving consent.

He pleaded not guilty to his charges and was ordered to maintain distance from the alleged victim. Now his legal team uncovered new evidence which details his relationship with the alleged victim prior to the allegations.

TMZ reported, Mosey claimed he and the accuser had consensual sex in the past and requested the court to allow that information to be shared during his trial. The documents reveal that Mosey and the alleged victim first met at one of his concerts which lead to sexual relationship between the two.

Lil Mosey said they had sex at a New Year’s party, and then again in a car. He also claimed that the second time happened on the same night of the alleged rape, which she alleges happened later in a cabin. The case is filed in Washington, and the state has a “rape shield” statute that generally prohibits evidence of prior sexual relationships and activities with an alleged victim at trial.

Mosey’s legal team wants to include this information in the trial as they believe this helps the chances of proving Mosey is innocent. However. the prosecutors don’t see how a previous consensual relationship has have any influence on the incident in question. Meanwhile, a hearing is scheduled for January.

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