Lil Baby was recently praised for being a great father after his 6-year son Jason was seen rapping in a music video. However, this didn’t seem to end well for the rapper as he is now being accused of having a secret child. According to a woman’s claims on social media, the rapper is her baby daddy.

A post made by Atlanta-based nail technician Shi Anderson seemingly accused Lil Baby of fathering her child. Anderson posted pictures of her little boy, who shares a striking resemblance to the rapper. This caused quite a stir because fans thinks they look very similar.

“I can’t keep this a secret any longer,” she wrote on Instagram. “lilbaby Needs to come to take care of his responsibilities! I’m not Bitter, my son deserves to know who his FATHER is.”

Since Anderson made the post, she changed her profile settings to private. It’s unclear if she was joking around after one of her friends told her her son looked like Lil Baby, or if this is legitimate.

This is not the first time somebody has accused Lil Baby of having children outside of his relationship. The rapper has been caught up in multiple cheating rumors over the years. Numerous women have tried to argue that he fathered their babies but nothing good came out it.

As of now, Lil Baby is yet to address the situation. Taking into consideration, how similar Anderson’s son looks to Baby though, a DNA test may be required to determine whether he is actually the father.

What do you think about the situation ? Is Anderson serious or a troll ? Sound off in the comments !!!

Anushmitta Dutta

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