LeBron James’ longevity is nothing short of mythical. Sometimes the legend himself can’t fathom his own greatness. Recently, James reacted to the incredible stats he built over the years, and this had nothing to do with Space Jam.

King James will be turning 37 soon. Despite his age, he is still dominating the league to this date. The Los Angeles Lakers completely rely on their 36-year-old game-winner.

LeBron will be revered as one of the top basketball player of all-time when his career ends. Brady Klopfer of SB Nation decided to illustrate just how long LeBron has been playing professional basketball. LeBron has spent exactly half of his life playing professional ball.

“Today marks half a lifetime of professional basketball for @KingJames. 6,752 days from his birth until his draft day. 6,752 days from his draft day until today. Half a life.”

6,752 days since his 2003 draft, and the present day. Needless to say, it’s pretty insane when you think about it. Even LeBron had a hard time swallowing this fact. LeBron retweeted Klopfer saying, “MAN WHAT!!!”

LeBron is currently in his 19th season. He is still worlds apart from all the players drafted in 2003. LeBron’s worst years are still better than the primes of many superstar figures, which just goes to show his greatness.

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