Drake had been spending time in courtrooms after a woman allegedly broke into his home. Now his $4 billion dollar lawsuit has finally reached a conclusion.

Drizzy beat the woman’s lawsuit after she allegedly broke into his home in 2017. The lawsuit against him claimed the rapper publicly defamed her on Instagram.

Billboard reported the woman’s identity as Mesha Collins. She filed the case against Drake this past summer. She claimed on her lawsuit the artist defamed her by sharing private information on Instagram.

Collins filed her case without an attorney, which severely hampered her chances of proving her claims in the courtroom. Drake’s legal team saw the opportunity in this and swiftly got his case dismissed. His attorney described it as “frivolous.” He added,

“After trespassing at his home and being arrested in 2017, plaintiff Mesha Collins now attempts to make contact with musician Aubrey Drake Graham by suing him.”

According to a filing from last month, Stanton “Larry” Stein said “This is pure fiction. Until he was served with this lawsuit, Graham had no idea who Collins was.” Collins failed to prove in the courtroom that anything Drake had posted in his social media had anything remotely related to her. The Judge presiding over it ordered for the case to be dismissed. Judge Virginia Keeny issued the following statement,

“Plaintiff Collins has not demonstrated any of defendant Graham’s statements were about plaintiff Collins or that he used her identity, name, or likeness in his Instagram posts or endorsements, Even if plaintiff Collins could establish the statements were about her, she has failed to establish that such statements were of a private fact that is offensive and objectionable to the reasonable person.”

Apart from his latest legal battle, his other businesses seems to be booming. Drake’s Better World Fragrance House Candle company recently launched a new “cozy” scent called Winter Warmth. You can click here to purchase it.

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