Britney Spears’ dad Jamie Spears is exposed of his shady details according to new reports which unearthed findings in court documents. The pop icon’s father reportedly received a loan of around $40K days before her conservatorship began, nearly 13 years ago.

The news has been brought to light in a report by The New York Times this Sunday. The 69-year-old took out a massive loan of at least $40,000 just days before petitioning the court to place Britney under her controversial conservatorship in 2008.

Jamie reportedly secured the huge amount from business manager Lou Taylor’s firm, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. Just after the handout, the pop sensation was hospitalized into an involuntary psychiatric hold. Within the days during her admission, Jamie submitted a petition to gain control of Britney’s estate and personal assets.

The approval was quite promptly awarded but the reasons for his motives are still unclear. The timing of everything is naturally suspicious. While referencing the news, National Guardianship Association president, Anthony Palmieri expressed his thoughts on this to The New York Times.

“It makes me wonder where the allegiance lies. Is the conservator making decisions in the best interest of the conservatee or the business manager who they owe a debt to? It reeks of conflict of interest.”

It is important to note however that Jamie paid back the loan amount in full. It also had no affect on Tri Star’s work for the estate in later years. Brit’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, continues to investigate just how much Jamie and others have benefited financially from her conservatorship over the years.

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