WWE NXT superstar Parker Boudreaux aka “Harland” is connected in the hip-hop game. When Drakeo The Ruler died, he felt it bad.

Both Drakeo and Harland used to hype each other up publicly on social media. The NXT star tweeted a tribute post following Drakeo’s death earlier this morning.

Folks from the music scene like Stinc Team and Drake shared their tribute post on Instagram. Now a star from the professional wrestling scene mourns over Drakeo’s murder. Harland uploaded screenshots of their old chat and comments section on Twitter.

“RIP Drakeo.. was just talking with you last week @IamMRMOSELY.”

The pictures say it all. The two shared a great friendship. Harland is utterly shocked by the fact they just talked a week back and now he is no more.

On a December 4 post of Harland that was captioned “The FUTURE” with some knife emojis beside, Drakeo hyped him up saying to gang on them. Harland replied his mate: “We Know the Truth” with one eye emoji beside, supposedly referencing illuminati.

A conversation screenshot was also shared with one playable which indicates that they were pretty good mates. Initial reports stated that the rapper was in critical condition but unfortunately, he succumbed to his injury. West Cost truly lost a legend today.


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