NeNe Leakes is currently dating a businessman, Nyonisela Sioh, after her husband’s tragic passing. It seems like she and her new man are already at public display of affection stage. They are recently spotted flaunting PDA in Miami.

On Saturday night, TMZ reports the new couple hit up Mr. Chow in MIA. They were seen giggling and holding hands on their way out of the hot spot. They were reportedly celebrating his birthday.

NeNe wore a smoking hot leopard print catsuit. Her suit was enough to draw plenty of attention on its own. Then the PDA with Nyonisela added more eyes on it. He also had a grip on a stogie in his other hand.

It’s a big deal because this is Nene’s first relationship since her husband Gregg’s death earlier this year. The ex-Real Housewife and the couture suit company owner went official last week at her birthday party in Atlanta. They were seen dancing together and clearly getting close.

It’s not sure when exactly they started dating. It is however known that Peter Thomas played matchmaker as Peter and Nyonisela know each other from North Carolina. NeNe said Gregg gave her his blessings to find new love and it’s wholesome to see her lively again.

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