Delilah Hamlin was signed by the IMG models as an American model and Instagram sensation. She has done endorsements for Aidan Reilly, Pepe Jeans, and Baja East in addition to her modelling job. This time, the 23-year-old model has raised more than a few eyebrows for a since-deleted TikTok that seemingly lays the blame for her mental health problems on her celebrity parents.

Lisa Rinna has been chastised for her parenting after her daughter allegedly criticizes her. Delilah Belle Hamlin called out her mother Lisa Rinna and her father Harry Hamlin, who shared a TikTok that had people scratching their heads. Delilah suggested that her parents aren’t paying for her therapy after an Instagram video in which she spoke up about some major health difficulties.

Delilah wrote, “For my parents to pay for my trauma therapy.” Delilah added in her Instagram video, “Unrealistic things I want for Christmas…”

The younger Hamlin didn’t say whether she’s in trauma therapy or if she’s asked her parents to pay — or help her pay — and they’ve refused, but fans flocked to social media to talk about it anyway. Delilah revealed in her lengthy video detailing her physical and mental challenges that she didn’t call her parents after suffering a panic attack. What is the explanation for this? She claims she was well aware that they would not travel to be with her.

“I probably had never felt something like this before. It was pretty alarming. I was all alone. I didn’t want to call my parents. Didn’t want to call my friends, because I was embarrassed. I knew my parents wouldn’t drive down to my house. So, I called my housekeeper, actually, and she came and stayed with me and helped me.”

This is not the first time that she revealed something that represents her parents in a negative light. A Reddit thread was created when she wished for her parent’s financial help. Many fans couldn’t help but wonder why Lisa and Harry wouldn’t help their daughter.

One Redditor commented on the thread, “The only point is here is that a daughter is asking for help.” Another commented, “Is Rinna seriously denying her daughter therapy? It’s not like they don’t have the means to pay for it.”

A third wrote, “If I was a mega rich person and my child needed therapy you can be sure as hell I would be paying. Also everyone deserves therapy even those who cannot afford it.”

Others wrote, “Rinna’s a great parent everybody” and “seems like she just wants attention at all costs, just like her momma.”

Another posted to say, “This sounds bad but I kinda think she’s seeking for attention. If she truly needed or wanted therapy she would go get it and not announce it to the world and then also work at fixing/changing what’s causing her ‘trauma.”

One questioned, “I don’t understand things like this. She can easily get therapy. She could probably pay for this herself. This feels inherently disingenuous, she can’t text them this??” Another questioned“Attention seeker like her mom and sister. Does anyone really think her parents wouldn’t help her get therapy?”

Obviously, this was a very popular topic of conversation and everyone chimed in. You can feel free to voice your own opinion in the comments below!

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