Kanye West’s Presidential run drove a wedge between himself and Kim Kardashian. It turns out that there is a lot more to this story.

According to a number of unearthed documents from the Daily Beast, Kanye West’s “independent” presidential run was actually backed and run by GOP Elites. It appears to have disguised potentially millions of dollars in services it received from a secretive network of Republican Party operatives.

The Kanye 2020 campaign committee did not even report paying some of these advisers. They used an odd abbreviation for another—moves which campaign finance experts say appear designed to mask the association between known GOP operatives and the campaign.. This could constitute a violation of federal laws.

Paul S. Ryan, vice president of government watchdog Common Cause, called the revelations “a big deal.” Ryan told The Daily Beast of what he thinks about the matter.

“The importance of disclosure in this matter can’t be overstated, it’s no secret that Kanye West’s candidacy would have a spoiler effect, siphoning votes from Democrat Joe Biden. Voters had a right to know that a high-powered Republican lawyer was providing legal services to Kanye—and federal law requires disclosure of such legal work.”

Federal disclosures also show the campaign enlisted legal services from an array of firms with links to Trump and the Republican Party. It includes leading voter fraud conspiracy theorists and more than a half-dozen legal practices which went on to push baseless election fraud lawsuits on behalf of Trump or the GOP.

The Daily Beast shared the court filings and FEC data with a number of government watchdog groups, who all concluded that the campaign and operatives appear to have for one reason or another shielded their connections. The groups found this troubling, and noted that without the documentation in the lawsuit, the lack of transparency would have kept some of the connections secret.

In the thick of the campaign, four senior members in the Republican party admitted to assisting the Chicago native make the deadline to file as an independent candidate in Wisconsin in September of 2020.

Kanye West has not commented on this situation. We will continue monitoring this story here at Thirsty.

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