Jake Paul has established himself as one of the biggest names in professional boxing after beating Tyron Woodley. This didn’t seem to sit well with some people as a wild conspiracy theory is now circulating on social media claiming that Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley were in cahoots with their fight-ending KO.

The two boxed on December 18, 2021, in a Showtime Boxing pay-per-view main event. It was a rematch from a battle that happened a couple of months earlier. Jake crushed Woodley in their first match through split choice and on Saturday night, he hushed the previous UFC welterweight champion with a savage 6th round KO. Some fans are now convinced that the Knockout wasn’t legitimate.

According to the theory circulating on social media, Jake made a gesture with his right hand and arm to Woodley seconds before he threw the KO punch. The theory then claims that once Woodley saw the hand gesture, he knew to drop his guard to allow Paul to land the punishing blow. “Y’all watch Jake Paul twist his right hand to give the signal to Woodley to let his guard down. issa setup,” wrote one user. “Jake with that little right arm twist signal to Woodley,”wrote another.

Fixing a professional sporting event like this is highly illegal. Furthermore, there is no evidence that there was any sort of intrigue between the two fighters to fix the outcome of the match. But, that hasn’t stopped some from thinking that there was foul play.

In other new, Jake Paul decided to call out Nate Diaz, after his boxing match with Woodley . Paul claimed that he can beat him easily. Do you think Nate Diaz’s could be Jake’s next opponent ? Let us know in the comments.

Anushmitta Dutta

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