Eric Clapton has shown he can be petty with certain things. His persistence has won him a case over a bootlegged CD worth $11.

Clapton took a woman to court who was trying to sell one of his bootlegged CD’s for $11 on eBay. Now he has won the case meaning she will have to pay up a lot more than that.

According to Deutsche Welle, a judgement was filed in Clapton’s favor earlier this week at court situated in Düsseldorf area of Germany. Clapton sued the 55-year old widow who claimed her late husband bought the album years ago. She argued she didn’t know it was fake or infringing on his copyright.

When Eric and his team found out that the woman was trying to hawk one of his CD’s on eBay, they decided to fight it tooth and nail. They reached out to the lady demanding she takes it down but their calls went unanswered. The Guardian reported, she even said, if they were that bothered with her selling the album, then they could go ahead and sue her.

Her pleads of ignorance fell flat following the court’s judgement in Clapton’s favor. Now she has to pay the legal fees of both the parties which amount to $3,800. She could be fined thousands of dollars or even be sentenced to 6 months in jail if she keeps it up on eBay.

Over the years, along with other major artists and record companies, Eric Clapton has successfully pursued hundreds of bootleg cases in Germany under routine German copyright procedures. Meanwhile, some outlets reported that the woman plans to appeal the decision, again.

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