The God’s Country singer, Blake Shelton has been a mentor on The Voice since it initially debuted in 2011. The vocalist recently uncovered how he remained on the show for so long. Fans can also get used to seeing him on The Voice.

Blake is the only coach that’s appeared in all twenty-one seasons of the show. The singer coached winning singers eight times. In a December 2021 interview with PEOPLE, the singer revealed that being able to say no to certain things has led to his long stay in the show.

“We’ve gotten so good at making that show,” Shelton said. “They’ve been able to really work hard at making the parts that I don’t like about being on television a lot better.” Blake also revealed how he has become more particular about the sort of press he does for the show.

“That’s helped. I mean, enough is enough. I’m sick of myself at this point,” Shelton told the outlet. “How many times am I going to talk about my strategy? So they’ve been good at picking the things that really can move the dial and concentrating on that stuff.” Shelton also made it clear that he’s mainly interested in the coaching aspect of the show.

As for now, Shelton has no plans to leave the show. This is good news for fans who were worried about his departure from The Voice. The singer seems to be making the show work for him rather than making plans to leave it.

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