Big Sean and Kanye West aren’t on the best of terms right now. Big Sean recently took a jab at Kanye over Ye’s admiration of Drake.

In an interview with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN of Drink Champs last month, Kanye had some controversial things to say about his colleagues. Big Sean was one of them who caught Kanye’s wrath. Kanye revealed in the interview, signing Sean to his G.O.O.D Music label was one of the worst things he had ever done.

When the news reached Big Sean’s ears, he immediately took to Twitter to share his views on Kanye’s interview. A month later Sean’s interview for Drink Champs is here.

Big Sean did not pull any punches when he talked about Kanye in his interview. He shared his views on multiple dramatic interactions with Kanye over his career, including being pressured to fire a friend of his, auditing G.O.O.D Music for money he is owed and Ye reaching out to reconcile after his Drink Champs interview aired.

Sean also discussed Kanye’s relationship with Drake which is now in good standing after a rough patch in the past few years. While Sean is pleased to see that the two squashed their beef, he felt Kanye had much more admiration for Drake than him even while they were beefing.

 “It’s not all about the money. It’s the principal. I haven’t done a “7 AM On Bridle Path,” I haven’t put it in nothing. I had an issue with all the respect being paid to somebody who publicly did that. And I know people be going through things, making up and that’s beautiful. I want to see my brothers together, but to me, I take that personal.”

Kanye can tend to rub people the wrong way. Hopefully the two can work out their differences given Sean has been around Kanye for a long time. You can check out Big Sean’s episode on Drink Champs below.

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