Ben Affleck and Tom Brady are both legends in their respective fields. The two icons also have another thing in common. They both hail from New England. Therefore, the idea of the two hanging out does not seem all too surprising.

In a recent conversation with Ben Simmons, Affleck recounted a story of the time he hung out with Brady, describing the say as “one of the most memorable days of [his] life.”

It seems that Affleck and Brady took some time to just kick back and throw a ball around. Affleck stated that he wishes he had more in common with Brady, revealing that he was nervous about getting hurt.

I played catch with the man once and realized how very little we had in common. He was throwing the ball to me and I was praying to God, not just because I wanted to impress the guy — which I very much did — but because I thought I would really get hurt because it shows up right in front of your face.

Affleck also joked that playing catch with Brady made him “work harder than [he has] in the last 25 years.” On a more serious note, Affleck revealed that the workout made him realize why Brady is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

He doesn’t have that part of the brain where he gets nervous…He doesn’t get tight.

It certainly must be a moment of pride for Brady, impressing Batman himself with his fearlessness. Check out the interview below.

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