Roddy Ricch has some serious guts which is quite evident on his new album. In one track from the album, he had some hot takes on 6ix9ine. He also gave a shoutout to Kendrick Lamar and his cousin, Baby Keem.

Roddy was absent from the hip-hop scene for two years since Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. His comeback album is brimming with passion and aggression. On the album’s eighth song “No way,” Roddy name dropped a few of his peers.

No Way features a closing skit from Jamie Foxx where he references his 2004 song “Slow Jamz” with Kanye West. After the first rendition of the hook, Roddy flexed about his strong connections and sex appeal. It was followed by a shoutout to his Compton idol, Kendrick Lamar. Roddy praised Lamar’s promising cousin Baby Keem for “Family Ties.” 

“You know I’m supreme / I got family ties like I’m K-Dot and Baby Keem / I got b*tches that know what I mean / Toot her up and I f**k on the ting / No way, no way, no way, no way”

In the second verse, Roddy laments on how he’s seen people he’s close to switch sides on him. To emphasize on that, he referenced 6ix9ine’s infamous “rat” controversy.

“I got n****s that’s on the fort yard, went four times, on this fifth time / Ever seen snake turn to a rat like 6ix9ine? / Got a Rolls-Royce with the thick back and I got a bitch, thick spine / Put a green beam on lil’ Glock, best believe I’ma get mine”

6ix9ine is no doubt the easiest target for disses. He get slammed by rappers, stand up comedians and youtubers every now and then. Check out Roddy’s new song “No way” below.

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