The Batman is set to drop on March 4th of 2022, and despite the fact that many wondered if the need for yet another revamp of the film was needed, it is still rather highly anticipated. It was just in the last ten years that the character was played by Christian Bale, in the conclusion of his Christopher Nolan-directed trilogy and by Ben Affleck.

Regardless, the film was given the go-ahead and as is old news by now, it stars none other than Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. The casting of Pattinson isn’t the only surprise, as there was another surprise talked about just recently that left a few scratching their heads, and that was the fact that the new Bruce Wayne character is based on none other than the late, great, rock legend, Kurt Cobain.

It was while speaking with Empire, that The Batman director, Matt Reeves, stated that his intention for the character was to have him be very much like the aforementioned rock legend.

“When I write, I listen to music, and as I was writing the first act, I put on Nirvana’s ‘Something In The Way.’ That’s when it came to me that, rather than make Bruce Wayne the playboy version we’ve seen before, there’s another version who had gone through a great tragedy and become a recluse. So I started making this connection to Gus Van Sant’s Last Days

The idea of this fictionalized version of Kurt Cobain being in this kind of decaying manor. In that movie you could really feel his vulnerability and desperation, but you could also feel his power. I thought that was a great mix. He’s also got that Kurt Cobain thing, where he looks like a rock star, but you also feel like he could be a recluse.”

Pattinson added:

“Bruce has been hiding away. He’s not really a socialite at all. He’s building all these little contraptions and things, just with Alfred. And even Alfred thinks he’s gone insane!”

The trailer for the film shows clearly that the story is a tad darker than even the Nolan trilogy was, and that was already pretty dark in scope. With what Reeves and Pattinson have said though, it looks like they intend to push that sanity factor with the Bruce Wayne character, which has never really come to the surface in previous films.

A writer and actor’s perspective is always interesting to take note of when going to see a film presented in the way that it was intended, but the idea has gotten many to wonder, as the image that Kurt Cobain sadly left behind was one of pain and hurt for reasons of painful addiction – not the poster image of Batman, many would argue – but regardless, it will be interesting to see this new vision of Bruce Wayne.

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