Big Sean and Kanye West’s feud was one nobody saw coming. It happened and now Ye and Sean aren’t close, but it wasn’t always that way.

Big Sean, Alicia Keys, and Kanye West were on Drink Champs podcast for the last few weeks. The podcast is hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. Big Sean recently took the podcast as an opportunity to spill the tea that fans are dying to hear about.

Kanye’s stint on the show, released in two parts, was one for the books. Ye addressed plenty of his beefs with other artists, including Big Sean. Following West’s appearance, revealed that he couldn’t wait for his chance to come on and set the record straight.

Sean has so many things to reveal. Sean addressed how Ye first connected with him following the father of four’s stint on Drink Champs, during which he made some choice comments about his long-time collaborator. He also stayed loyal to Ye and even didn’t endorse anyone for POTUS because Ye’s hat was in the race.

“So lemme ask you, before we finish, if somebody owed you $500,000, how would you feel? N.O.R.E., replied, “I would feel f*cked.”

“And they was up 100 million. How would you feel? What about if they owed you a million, What if they owed you three million? Ok, what if they owed you five million dollars? What if they owed you six?”

“What if they owed you that, and you showed up for them and you did all these things, right? And they up billions! And then the n*gga who comes at them, who talks the most shit, he be big and up in the interview and shit.”

“when you wanna talk about loyal to a fault… Yeah, I been loyal because I feel like I’m the only one who stayed that long for GOOD Music, so yeah, it was a personal… It affected me personally.”

“Y’know, he texted me the next day and said, I want to meet with you and your mom to begin healing on both sides. I was angry.”

“You publicly humiliated me when I been down for you, now peep this while he was running for president, I didn’t have his contact. I purposely didn’t endorse anybody publicly politically because my mans is running.”

“I don’t even have his contact at the time, because I’m tryna figure out other business. We got other things to talk about… Now, ain’t nobody ever showed me that support, I’m the number one earning artist on GOOD music, and I didn’t come out and support no Democratic party because my man was running, and he wasn’t even on the ballots in some states.”

The host pressed Sean to name drop who he was talking about, the guest admitted that he was talking about Drake. Sean also reminded the listeners that Kanye and Drake are in good conditions now, as they squashed their beef during the Free Larry Hoover concert.

There were plenty of interesting angles in the interview, but many viewers couldn’t wait to hear about their drama.

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Shivangini Rawat

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