Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hopp went their separate ways a long time ago. While they decided their split in 2012, they are still dealing with the divorce, even after 9 years. This is because both parties are unable to come to terms with an arrangement that is good for them.

Frankel shared on the latest episode of her podcast “Just B” podcast how messy the battle for the divorce has been for them. She added that the battle mainly stretched because Frankel & Hopp were fighting for the custody of their children.

I’ve had a horrific, hall of fame, nightmare divorce. I’ve been struggling with talking about this for years — A, because it didn’t have a finish point and B, because I have a daughter. … [But] when do you share something so it can help someone else? … There’s nothing that I’m more of an expert on in the world than divorce.

Hopp & Frankel’s battle for divorce is almost there yet, however. The former “Real Housewives of New York” no longer has the burden of paying child support, as the judge overseeing the case decided in her favor. A representative told People that:

After having been awarded full legal custody of Bryn in 2020, she now has been awarded primary residential custody of Bryn as well. She [Frankel] is also no longer required to pay direct child support.

Frankel and Hopp have been at each other’s throats since a long time. However, Frankel acknowledges that the lack of a prenup is what led to the divorce taking a lot of time and resources from the two. She explained why she hadn’t gotten a prenup.

I’m trusting and I just don’t want to deal with this, and it was embarrassing. The word ‘prenup’ was embarrassing to me. It’s uncomfortable, it’s awkward. A contract when you get married? It’s an uncomfortable, awkward concept. If I had known that getting into marriage is the same as getting into business together with a business partner, my eyes would have been more open

The star is still looking ahead, as she became engaged to boyfriend Paul Bernon back in March, 2021. While rumor has it that after such a messy divorce battle, Frankel will definitely push for a prenup, it’s up to time for us to see on what terms their relationship begins.

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