Wrestlers put in a lot of work to make money and earn fame. Cameo is a website where they can use their fame to make more money. The service gives fans the opportunity to receive curated video messages from celebrities. Of course, the celebrities charge a sum for it.

Unfortunately, Vince McMahon has restricted talent from engaging in third party deals. However, fans can still make limited requests through WWE on Cameo on special occasions. Other companies are not as restrictive when it comes to having a Cameo account.

Matt Hardy is the most popular name among active wrestlers at $81,1142 in earnings. Danhausen and Darby Allin net at $24,973 and $26,413 respectively.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is also pretty popular on Cameo. According to US-Bookies, Mick Foley has earned an estimated $512,493 on Cameo. Second on the list is Bret Hart, whose estimated earnings are $169,000. They are the only two people in the pro wrestling category who can claim six-figure earnings on Cameo.

Additionally, Foley has amassed 3,581 ratings. He made history by becoming the third most popular person in all of Cameo. Other inactive wrestling personalities include Jake “The Snake” Roberts at $25,837.45. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has also managed to make a solid $25,261.15.

Among other popular wrestling personalities on Cameo are Gillberg and Dylan “Swoggle” Postl, both have more than 300 ratings. They have earned less than others near the top of the rating list because their greetings sell for a lower price, with Gillberg making $6,934.81 and Postl netting $7,491,90.

With the Holiday season upon us we can only imagine that everyone mentioned in this article will also get plenty of action in the weeks to come. A Cameo video makes for the perfect last-minute gift idea, if the celeb in question can turn around with a video in quick enough fashion.

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