The music industry changed in a big way when TikTok became a thing. An artist can get famous thanks to that platform alone. This doesn’t mean their song is gold.

Lizzo fired back at critics who think viral music equates to good music. The singer took to Twitter, sharing her thoughts on the subject with her fans.

It is obvious that the music industry has shifted due to the influence of social media. Artists are finding ways to be be in the limelight before even signing a record deal by capitalizing off their viral moments.

Artists often find themselves in a standoff with online critics who believe their singles are not RIAA plaque worthy, because they are not viral on the internet. Recently, a Lizzo fan took to Twitter, to defend the singer against the detractors who go after the singer over her hits.

Lizzo used this opportunity to share her thoughts on the topic with her fans. She claimed that people don’t know the “difference between ‘bad’ music & non-viral music these days.” She further added,

“They equate virality w quality & that’s just not true. When I play this song live thousands of ppl scream the words I’m getting plaques for Rumors. Viral does NOT = successful YALL.”

Many artists have been accused of being TikTok stars. They didn’t seem to mind because they were happy to be in the limelight, stacking their bank accounts.

Some music fans measure the success of a song based on how often they hear it online. If there isn’t some sort of a viral TikTok challenge attached to it, the track is considered to be a dud by default. This practice launched many TikTok stars into the spotlight.

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