Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump were once seen as a great friend, but during the RHOBH season 9, their friendship broke. Kyle Richards is being criticized for continuing to discuss Lisa Vanderpump more than two years after the two had a falling out. Fans want Kyle to keep Lisa’s name out of her mouth.

During a recent appearance on Teddi Mellencamp’s “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star went off on her former co-star.

Richards spilled about Vanderpump’s alleged demands when she was a star on the Bravo reality show, as well as Vanderpump’s refusal to pose for the show’s opening credits unless she could take the “center” diamond. Richards admitted to being “sad” over the falling out of her friendship with Vanderpump and even she lost her sleep over it. she even confessed that leaving the show was a tremendous stress reliever for her.

“In doing a show like this, there’s always somebody you think, ‘Oh, I gotta watch my back. This one could be doing this or that.’ And we don’t have that anymore.” “I don’t feel like anybody is home digging up stuff. And when it felt like that, it was terrible. It was so anxiety-provoking.”

Several RHOBH fans responded to Richard’s statement in a Reddit thread. Many Fans questioned why she continues to talk about Vanderpump more than two years after the SUR owner left the Bravo reality show. 

One Redditor wrote, “You had your fun Kyle, now let the mouse go!” Another wrote “Man and she accuses Dorit [Kemsley] of belaboring a point.”

Another Redditor agreed, “Yes, I noticed that. She’s brings up LVP waaay too much.” Another noted “She brings up points that are now moot.”

One wrote, “These ‘negative” stories about LVP coming back from eons ago.” One other noted, “I’m sure Kyle is asked questions all the time about LVP, but it does feel like there had been more talk about her recently. It feels like these ladies are trying to remind us how awful LVP was when she hasn’t been on the show for how many seasons now? Feels a bit odd.”

Another penned their own response to say, “How can she go from saying how terrible it was with lvp there to then saying she lost sleep over falling out with her. She’s such a fake.” “Also, why is she still talking about her?”

One other added, “What she is not telling, is that Lisa deserved that diamond and ran the show by herself.”

Even others reacted by posting Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd’s famous line, “Goodbye Kyle!” Due to talking about Vanderpump over two years, she is being criticised by fans of RHOBH, and facing a lot of comments by the fans. What’s your view on it let know us in the comments.

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