Doja Cat has fans all over the world chanting her name while she’s on stage. That isn’t her real name and it turns out she’s not the biggest fan of it either.

Award-winning artist Doja Cat revealed details about her life in her recent interview. The social media star turned pop icon has dominated the industry with each new release. The last few years have been non-stop movement for the star.

In her recent interview with Rolling Stone for their January cover story, Doja Cat made some revelations which came as surprise to her fans. She apparently hates her stage name.

Doja said that her stage name makes her out to be pothead hippie girl and she is nothing like that.

“[SNL] made a joke the other day that Doja Cat sounds like a Pokémon. And, you know, it didn’t hurt my feelings, but it definitely hurt my feelings.”

Doja’s stage name is derived from both her love of cats and a marijuana strain, though she quit smoking weed. Doja says, she tried to change her name over the years but an old manager convinced her not to. It all worked out in the end as her name has certainly helped her penetrate the minds of her fans.

In the interview she also shared that she regrets joking about Covid. During the early stages of the pandemic Doja joked on her Instagram Live saying, “Bitch, I’m not scared of a coronavirus or the motherf**king beer version of that s**t.” She regrets her comments now, having seen how “devastating” it has been to people.

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