Nicki Minaj is currently in the mood of celebrating her third career Guinness World Record. She got that record after her song Say So collaboration with Doja Cat. It’s quite clear that Nicki has more good news on the way for her fans.

Nicki Minaj made an official announcement recently. It was mainly related to her Radio station, Queen Radio. Nicki revealed that her show has found a new home on the radio waves.

On Tuesday evening, Nicki appeared on a clip from The Joe Budden Podcast. In that podcast, Joe Budden expressed his desire for her show, Queen Radio to make a comeback.

“I don’t like how the music industry doesn’t give us a follow-up story on some of the things we fall in love with. Like, I want to know what happened to Queen Radio.” “Where is Queen Radio? It was only the biggest thing outside of OVO Radio. Queen Radio is important for culture. Sorry! It should be there or we should get an announcement as to why it’s not there.”

While talking to Twitter, Nicki Minaj confirmed reports from earlier this summer that Queen Radio has found a new home. Nicki also took a moment to express her gratitude to Apple Music’s Larry Jackson while talking about her show’s new move.

“Thank you, Joe, I rlly appreciate you asking & caring. We have a new home. Official announcement coming soon. I gotta s/o Larry Jackson @ Apple tho, for originally putting the idea on my radar & giving me his blessing to explore new avenues for the show. #QueenRadio.”

Nicki made it clear for Joe Budden by confirming that Queen Radio has successfully found itself a new home. Nicki also took a moment to repost some of her fan’s favourite moments from the show. Maybe the memories shared by her fans were making her feel nostalgic.

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Shivangini Rawat

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