Midway through the fourth quarter of the Boston Celtics game, Dennis Schroder had an opening for easy two points. Jayson Tatum however, felt his teammate was not capable of finishing the play independently.

The moment gave way to a heated conversation between the two teammates. Tatum now explains that it was nothing personal. The lost opportunity was momentarily regained by the Celtics but fans did spot Schroder slam his hands on the post out of frustration.

Following that lost chance, a few possessions later, the Celtics called for a timeout. The two players were seen getting into a heated debate. Tatum then expressed his thoughts saying that disputes like that are inevitable.

The two exchanged words on the court first. Then they continued the heat in the huddle. Eventually they made peace with one another before heading back out to help Boston break their three-game losing streak.

Celtics’ eventually bagged their victory over the Bucks. After the game, Tatum addressed the rift to the media.

“Anybody that’s played in the NBA or a professional sport, you know it’s a high-intensity game, and guys care. It’s nothing personal. It’s nothing more than that. We’re just trying to figure things out. When there are 19,000 people in the arena, it’s hard to have an inside voice. Just two passionate guys who care about winning, nothing more than that, we’re fine, and we move on.”

Udoka mentioned that the dispute rose out of frustration and their desire to win. Seeing two of his most critical roster members enter into a heated rift. Udoka told the media following the game.

“Some guys missed each other. Basically, in transition, they didn’t see each other. They took a foul, and we missed an opportunity to score there. The one thing I talked about in the last few days, in the meetings and watching film, is accountability with each other, not just me yelling all the time. Honestly, I’d like to see that (rather) than not saying anything. Those things happen, and by the time we left the timeout, it was done.”

Players like Tatum and Schroder who are willingly hold each other to a high standard usually end up becoming leaders of their team. Boston surely needs leaders to emerge from their current situation.

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