Shinedown most recently put out a new album in 2018. Since then, a lot about the world has changed. Singer Brent Smith says the music that resulted during that time is provocative and controversial.

Smith spoke to 95.9 The Rat in New Jersey recently. He said they wanted to make a cinematic record. It had to be big and really push the band’s limits. LoudWire reported on the interview.

“We wanted to push everything to the front. And what I mean by that is, we’ve proven that we can make these records that there’s a lot of musicianship involved in it, and we have layered our records over the years because we love music and we love sound and we love big, epic… we try to make really cinematic records.”

The band did some heavy experimentation on the new record, but they wanted to keep it real as well. Rather than orchestration and synthesizers that brought so much to their sound in the past, Shinedown decided to go with authentic sounds. There are even a couple of piano songs.

“So the majority of this record is authentically drums, bass, guitar. There are piano songs — there’s two really, really very intense-subject-matter piano songs that are gonna be in Shinedown seven.

But we wanted to make a real rock record, we wanted to make a real record where we focus on just making sure that the band is being heard the way the band needs to be heard. So, not a lot of layering. It doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful, it’s just we’re not dealing with a lot of stacks.”

The first single from Shinedown’s album is due next month. Fans have been waiting years for new music to sink their teeth into. You can check out the full interview with Brent Smith below!

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Michael Perry

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