Kevin Durant never skips his troll game scope on Twitter. After last night’s game against the Nets, KD took his streak to troll Kylen Mills.

KD played like an MVP last night. He single-handedly put 51 points against the Nets. He could have done more if he hadn’t been benched.

Durant was being double and triple-teamed throughout the entire game. However, some reporters didn’t feel that way. Kylen Mills tweeted her opinion on the terrible Pistons defense.

Mills directed her critique towards the team for not putting two people on Durant. As you can guess, she was immediately roasted by fans. KD also felt like joining the Twitter roast session.

KD retweeted Mills’ baseless tweet with a Rugrats meme. The famous Chuckie Finster meme in which he is handing out a literal “L.” It was absolutely hilarious and yet another example of how KD is always looking to troll people on social media.

Durant personally love taking session of analysts and reporters who give their opinions on the game. It’s no surprise that he decided hop on board the troll cruise. In Mills’ defense, however, she was not dissing Durant’s game. In fact, she was doing quite the opposite.

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